Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

I have always drawn and painted, but I also started gardening while working at the Dartmouth Organic farm in 2005. There I began to realize the similarity between gardening and painting or drawing, how one creates something different and new from raw materials, something larger than the sum of it’s parts.

I then moved to an intentional community in rural Virginia called Twin Oaks where I learned much more about gardening and also began doing illustrations for another intentional community’s heirloom seed company called Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. That is where most of the art you see here originated.

A bright blue sky


I've been fortunate to have an oppurtunity to create the SESE cover and exemplify the special creatures that are also involved in gardening.

Leafy veggies

I love to start my mornings with eating some leafy vegetables, they have such great taste and texture. They are also lovely to draw and paint.


There are so many varieties of tomatoes and each has its own characteristics and charm.


Fruits often have some contrasting and vibrant colors which make them interesting to look at and paint.